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Pope Valley Winery LLC


Tastings & Tours


Virtual Tastings

Our virtual tastings are a great way for family, friends, teams, and corporate clients to connect and enjoy a fun wine experience together, All IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME!

Mix and Match Your Wines

Virtual Tasting 3 Bottle Mix and Match


  • The tastings are held via Zoom and last for 45 minutes
  • Download form to mix and match 3 bottles (750ml) from our selection of wines and allow for at least two weeks delivery.*
  • Reserve your tasting by filling out and submitting the Reserve form and the winery will call you back to reserve your spot and take your wine order.
  • Zoom link will be sent to you.**


Mix & Match

* If you need expedited shipping, please let us know at the time of checkout.
** It is important to make sure that all guests attending the tasting have provided an email to receive the Zoom link.